What to expect?

Every install is unique.  Each customer will have varying challenges when it comes to connecting to our wireless backbone.  As our service is line of sight (LoS) based, anything that obscures the sight line between our radio and the receiving tower can potentially degrade your signal.  Each install will first be profiled and electronically surveyed by our technicians at the RuralLynx office. If your survey passes that inital step, the staff will be in touch with you to schedule an on site visit for the physical install.

The installer, upon arrival, will begin looking for the ideal location on your property to mount our radio.  Sometimes, a suitable location can be found and the install will not require additional hardware.  But if you are in a hard to reach location, or surrounded by trees or other homes, sometimes additional equipment is required, which is not covered by your basic install price.  Your installer will discuss with you options such as tripods, mast pipes, chimney mounts, or other options that will get you the best possible service.  If we can’t get you service with those options, don’t despair, other options are available.

When you need significant height, the only real solution is to use an existing TV tower, or have one put up.  RuralLynx partners with local tower builders to get you quality building at reasonable prices, and will work with the tower company to make sure your tower is large enough to get you service.

Should additional height and equipment not be required, your installer will work with you to run the cable to your desired location, and make sure your internet is working properly before he leaves.  The office will follow up with a welcome letter, and should you have any questions post install we encourage you to ask the technician or follow up with the office.