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Save On RuralLynx Internet!

Bundle your RuralLynx TV, Phone and Internet to unlock additional savings!

Installation is priced separately.

All plans and pricing are subject to location and availability.


Sign up for RuralLynx Highspeed

Pick a plan that works for you, from 15/2 all the way up to 50/5.*


Add RuralLynx TV, provided by Sinterix

Choose 1 of 3 different base TV plans.  Then, add on from a selection of individual channels, or popular channel bundles.*

*Plan and service availability will vary by location. A site survey may be required to determine eligibility.


Add Digital Home Phone

Our VoIP Internet phone includes UNLIMITED North America calling, call display, call waiting and voicemail.*

Popular Bundle Examples


per month

  • Unlimited North America VoIP
  • “Loaded” TV with 80+ Channels
  • Up To 25/5 Mbps Highspeed


per month

  • Unlimited North America VoIP
  • “Fully Loaded” TV with 100+ Channels
  • Up To 25/5 Mbps Highspeed

Monthly Residential Plans

Our most popular plans.  Need something else?  Reach out to us for additional options!



  • 15 Mbps
  • 2 Mbps Upload
  • No Caps
  • No Throttling



  • 20 Mbps Download
  • 2 Mbps Upload
  • No Caps
  • No Throttling



  • 25 Mbps
  • 5 Mbps Upload
  • No Caps
  • No Throttling



  • 50 Mbps
  • 5 Mbps Upload
  • No Caps
  • No Throttling

Up to 100 Mbps plans available in select locations! 

TV Packages that Make Sense

RuralLynx TV, provided by Sinterix, offers flexible programming to fit your needs as an avid TV viewer.  Customize your viewing experience, enjoy PVR, and ditch that android box with dubious performance and no customer support.



    40+ Channels with popular news and local stations



      80+ Channels, adding popular content for adults and children to the Skinny.



        100+ Channels, our largest and most complete programming package.

        add 5


          add 10


            add 15


              VoIP Phone, done simple.


              Low Cost

              $25.00 monthly.  That’s it. 

              (No, seriously, that’s it.)


              Free Features

              Unlimited calling to anywhere in North America.  Call Display.  Call Waiting.  Voice Mail.  All included.

              No hidden fees, no extra cost.  Call any place, any time.


              Simple To Install

              Just plug in!

              The RuralLynx provided hardware simply connects to both your wifi router and any home phone.

              Internet on the lake?

              Some people don’t need internet all year round, and we want to make it simple.

              RuralLynx provides seasonal packages for customers who may not live on the property all 4 seasons.  

              SET TIME FRAME

              Set time frame packages are a 6 month minimum, and are due in full at the start of the season.


              Need to place your account on hold?  Suspensions are available for a maximum of 6 months.  Your monthly bill will be reduced to $12 and can be reactivated at any time without a visit.